Building Word of Mouth Marketing

The word of mouth begins and ends with people, in fact your customers. Your customers will talk good or bad. But, you definitely want the talk to be good and your satisfied customers generate a good talk. So, what all you can do to have the good talk flowing? Let’s explore the factors.

Factors Catalyzing Positive Word Of Mouth Marketing

The word of mouth plan: Whatever plan you adopt for generating a word of mouth, should be well drafted. It is very important to pilot test your plan so that in case it is against your business interest, it may be dropped then and there without it reaching your customers at large.

Transparency: Your business motive, your products, and your customer service all have to be honest and genuine. Because its credibility works in the word of mouth marketing. Have a transparent business attitude with your customers. Honor them. After all, they are the force for keeping you in business.
Incentives: When announcing any referral scheme, be very transparent in your approach and lay down the rules and regulations clearly. You must not resort to any hidden move. Any undeclared condition will disgust your customers. They may go away never to come back.

Accountability: You should have proper system of controlling. Every person involved at your end in the word of mouth marketing should have a specific role to play and he or she will be accountable for any deviations from his or her expected roles.
Involve customers: Involve your customers in your business by seeking their advice in designing your products and services.

Customers can also guide you in elevating the quality of your products and services in line with the needs and desires of the target markets. Enlighten your customers about your forthcoming products and services, the utilization of your offerings, maintenance, annual maintenance contract, etc.

Endorsements: Nothing works like positive endorsement from your customers. If you hear customers talking favorably about your offerings, you may use these testimonials in your advertisements. Of course, after the customer’s permission and maintain the testimonial document for any future reference.

Distribution channel: Your distribution channel plays a crucial role in building your reputation. Enlighten and encourage your channel to talk about you in good light. They are actually potential influence vis-à-vis a purchase decision by a customer.

Building a word of mouth is a serious and not-so-easy exercise. Every minute detail about your business is to be taken care of. Even a slightly wrong move may cost you fortunes. So, be right, serve right, price it right and your customers will talk right about you.